Honeymoon in Paradise

Early the next morning after our wedding day we got up to head to the airport. We literally checked in to the downtown Atlanta Peachtree Westin at 2:00am and checked out at 6:30am!
Tired was an understatement, but we didn’t care, we had a direct flight to St. Lucia! I made sure to wear my “Just Married” tank top for fun.
After a four and a half our flight, we had arrived and were taken to our beautiful resort. After laying eyes on what would be our home for the next seven days, we were sure we would never want to leave!
It was all so perfect and of course, it went by way too fast. Funny how you look forward to vacations for so long and then they are gone in a blink of an eye! The motto of St. Lucia: “No Pressure, No Problem” – EVERYONE says that!
While we were there, we dined on amazing endless food and drank fun endless drinks. Sean became obsessed with Devil’s Shrimp, a wonton filled with grilled shrimp that was covered in a secret mouth watering sauce. I believe we went to that restaurant three times just for those things. Now, I didn’t partake in the shrimp eating being I’m a vegetarian but that sauce went well with everything!
St. Lucia is famous for the Pitons, two distinct mountain peaks. We took a day excursion to see them and it just so happened to be foggy the time we took our picture, but they still came out.
Also on that day trip we went snorkeling in the bay off the beach where the Bachelor was filmed in the capitol of Soufriere. Snorkeling in open waters was a HUGE deal for me. I’m proud to say I did it even though something bit/stung my finger. I heroically call it a shark bite survival! Soon after we made landfall in another fishing town of Soufriere to continue our excursions.
Next up on the agenda was driving into a dormant volcano. This volcano is known for its incredibly hot sulfur springs. The mud from the springs is claimed to be amazing for the skin. I was a little nervous when our tour guides said to jump in, get muddy, and chill out in the spring. Me and dirt do not get along! Well well well, this little glamorous southern belle did the unthinkable and got down and dirty!
I now can attest to that mud being the best exfoliater and skin moisturizer!
Thankfully the waterfall was right around the corner and Lord have mercy, it was not incredibly hot but incredibly bone chilling cold! It made for a cute photo so I braved it and sucked it up!
We ate a very authentic Caribbean meal at our tour guide’s residence cooked by his wife. It was amazing except I believe the chicken served was running around outside just hours before. (Yuck!) On the boat ride back, Sean and I enjoyed the awesome local beer, Piton!
Enough adventure for this gal for one day! Cocktails on the beach and a heavenly chocolate bar were definitely more my flair!

While there, we made sure to pay a visit to the spa to get a much needed couples’ massage. Definitely a strong recommendation after months of wedding planning!

Sean and I had a pigeon that lived on our balcony, so naturally we named him No Problem!

Another recommendation would be to hire a professional photographer. (And be expected to pay the professional price!) We were a bit sticker shocked at first but we’re glad we did it!

That night, Sean surprised me with a private dinner on the beach with our own butler. It was so romantic and sweet!

On one of the days we lost track of, we went hiking up another mountain to see an old French battle fort. The views were spectacular!
We could vaguely see the island of Martinique from the top!

That night we went to a street party outside of our resort – more great food and more great drinks! These people have the life, always partying!

Of course during our stay I shopped too way too much, but hey, how many times are you in St. Lucia?

All in all, the honeymoon was beyond amazing! Spending time with my new husband without talking about wedding plans was definitely nice! Although it didn’t take me long to start thinking about vow renewals – ha!

You can marry the girl and take her away from the wedding but you can’t take the wedding away from the girl! On to vow renewal planning!

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