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A Nautical Inspired Guest Bedroom

Ahoy yall! What seems after years (!) I have finally finished decorating our guest bedroom. We live in Florida (but not on the beach) and most of my family lives in Georgia; when my family comes to visit, I wanted them to feel like they were on vacation. To accomplish a more sophisticated look than a beach motel, I went with a “The Hamptons” nautical style.

I always look forward to the crisp white linens in hotels while traveling and I wanted just that for our guests – a white luxurious bedspread with many pillows. I scoured HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Marshalls to style the room the way it looked in my head and I love the finished room!

Nautical Guest Bedroom

Since this is a guest bedroom, and sometimes our visitors are allergic to our kitties, this is a pet-free room (which is why I’m able to have a maintenance-free white duvet cover!)

Nautical Guest Bedroom - Southern Glam

The candle on the shelf is one Sean and I picked up from Savannah last year. It’s the Coastal Collection from Southern Soy Candle. I LOVE shopping local and it goes perfectly in this room. The picture frame on the shelf welcomes guests with our wi-fi password (a Pinterest find!)

Now that this room is complete, I’ll be starting on the guest bathroom – but until then, we’re accepting reservations at the Southern Glam home!

Giveaway by Southern Glam

On behalf of Southern Glam and Southern Glam Weddings, a fabulous giveaway is taking place on Instagram.

“She is quick and curious and playful and strong” – Kate Spade

Kate’s description can also be used to describe the Southern Glam brand that I hold near and dear to my heart. It’s time to POP FIZZ CLINK yall.

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Southern Glam

Hello loves! Thank you for stopping by my GORGEOUS new blog and website designed by the fabulous GoldenFox Design. Come sit a spell with me because we’ve got some catching up to do!

Remember that one time I changed the Facebook page name from Southern Glam Weddings & Events to Southern Glam Meagan …and Facebook told all of you way too soon? As I promised, Southern Glam Weddings & Events isn’t going anywhere but rather it expanded underneath the brand, Southern Glam Meagan.

Confused? Don’t worry because once you understand the concept – that confusion will fade away! So… let me break it down for you.











Southern Glam Meagan is the brand and the big picture. Here my company, Southern Glam Weddings & Events, LLC and my blogging endeavors will be housed

What you’ll find on this blog:





Home design

Other photos and randoms of a southern and glamorous life

I started blogging when I became engaged to my prince charming in 2010. My web designer is still working on transferring those blog posts here, so in the meantime, visit Southern & Glamorous.  I took a small blogging break to enjoy newlywed life but I’m ecstatic about writing again.

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with weddings, but I also kind of like baking, blogging, crafting, etc. I bake for events. I design for weddings. I travel to honeymoon destinations (shout out to Sandals Resorts!) It just makes sense to expand underneath a bigger picture.


Southern Glam Weddings & Events is my main focus and my original company which still includes everything weddings and soirees. YAY! I contract a limited amount of weddings each year to devote my time and heart 100% for each wedding.

To celebrate the relaunch of Southern Glam Weddings & Events, I’m taking 25% off Month of Coordination packages (Martinis & Masons) for newly booked weddings by August 1, 2015! Interested in a Southern Glam Wedding, let’s chat!


southern glam promotiom


When I’m not planning happily ever afters, I’m probably in the kitchen whipping up cupcakes for an event, scouring blogs for design ideas and inspiration, or traveling to a new destination (probably one of the gorgeous Sandals properties which allows me to research honeymoon locations!) See how everything ties together?

Over the last year I did countless research and spent much time soul searching over what it was I exactly supposed to do. With the support (and patience) of my amazing husband and wonderful family and friends, I set out on a mission to rebrand and redesign my business. I’m SO excited to finally unveil where my heart has been the whole time.


Thanks for being a Southern Glam (So Glam) follower!




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