Wild at Heart

Lions, tigers, and waffles …. oh my?
Sean and I had breakfast at the zoo for Adopt an Animal Appreciation at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo on Saturday. My mom’s work sponsors a zoo animal so we got to chow down with the beasts! Such a sweet event that provides breakfast, a mini presentation, and then access to the zoo before it opens to the general public.
Tampa’s zoo has been ranked the #1 zoo in the country and it really is awesome! What other zoo lets you feed giraffes, ride camels, and walk into a wallabie exhibit?
And lets a llama named Angie walk around?
Lowry Park Zoo definitely has my vote for best zoo ever! We also received a complementary ticket to come back again anytime this month. Happy girl right here!
A few weeks ago Sean and I also visited one of my favorite places, Big Cat Rescue. Y’all, this place is AMAZING! It is an educational sanctuary for rescued big cats; it is unreal how close you can get to these incredible animals! Of course, you cannot forget these cats are here because of cruelty (circuses, fur farms, drugs, etc) but it is nice to see there is a happy ending to their stories. Find out how you can help these big cats at Cat Laws.
 If you make a trip to Tampa, definitely make sure to stop by both Lowry Park Zoo and Big Cat Rescue! 

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