These Shoes Were Made for Walking

I’ve had my heart set on wearing hot pink heels on the wedding day for a long time. Not only is pink my absolute favorite color, it’s the accent color in our wedding color scheme. With that being said, I have searched far and wide for THE pair of heels. I’ve seen many contenders but there are two pairs that stick out. 
Now, I’m not crazy about the idea of having patent leather shoes; however, these Gianni Bini hotties are unbelievably comfortable and super easy to walk in (even though they are 5 inches!) Two VERY important shoe aspects on such an important day! I found them at Dillards for a steal so I purchased them in case nothing more amazing comes along.
[Enter discovering Zappos’ website a month later] 
I’ve always seen Zappos’ funny commercials, the ones with super happy Muppet-like characters who absolutely love their call center customer service jobs. I admit, I’m slightly jealous of puppets! Anywho – after the jealousy had subsided, I stumbled upon these RSVP fabulous heels, which could take the lead on my patent leather beauties as favorites. I just hope they’re as comfortable as the Binis! (LOVE the sequins!)

Needless to say, I ordered them (free shipping and free returns get me all the time!) Hello pair #2 of pink heels!

Regardless of what shoes don my feet, I did buy a little bling for the bottom arches – just in case I forget the answer to the big question of the day (just kidding!) but I did think it was a cute “something blue” idea …

The outcome of the shoe decision will be known on the wedding day. Stay tuned!

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