Save the Dates

It’s been almost a month since we’ve mailed out our Save the Dates, so I feel that I can officially show them off here! All were made by me and I have good ol’ Martha Stewart to thank for the number/envelope inspiration! After setting my heart on that idea, I realized I had no idea how to get those cute numbers and embossed envelopes. (Cue the MANY trips to JoAnne’s) 
I soon became an owner and expert of a Cricut and Cuddlebug. And boy did they take longer than I expected. After about the 20th one, I was starting to ask myself, “What have you got yourself into?” Oh well, they were just too cute to give up on!

Here they are all ready to go to the post office.

The final product …

Save the Date – as you pull the little bow and open the envelope, out comes the date!

The finished product complete with a magnet on the card backing and on the last digit.

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