Chocolate Chip Waffles

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When deciding what to bake for Valentine’s Day this year for my honey, I decided to throw back to our dating years. Eight years ago (next week) Sean and I started dating and I made him waffles for breakfast one morning. To this day he swears those waffles were one of the reasons he married me! So ladies, if you’re looking for a proposal, try these waffles!

Chocolate Chip Belgium Waffles | Southern Glam Meagan

The recipe is for Belgium waffles so they are sweet. Being it’s Valentine’s Day, I threw in a handful of chocolate chips. Dessert for breakfast anyone? A heart shaped cookie cutter is required on this day of love!

Belgium Waffle Recipe

1 cup butter (I have found that Smart Balance Light butter works the best. And it’s vegan!)
1 cup sugar
1 Tbsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs
2 cups flour
Mix butter and sugar in a mixing bowl of stand mixer. Cream together on medium-low.
Add vanilla and salt. Increase speed to medium.
Add eggs and mix well until smooth.
Decrease speed to low, add flour. Mix well.
Bake in waffle iron for about 3-5 minutes or until steam no longer escapes. Yields 4 waffles.

Chocolate Chip Belgium Waffles | Southern Glam Meagan

Tip: The unfancy the waffle maker, the better! I started making these waffles in a Sunbeam maker and used that heavenly machine until it’s last waffle. Sean and I were gifted a high-end waffle maker for a wedding gift that flips over and it just isn’t the same. I became so frustrated with it, that I stopped making this breakfast staple. For our fourth anniversary (which coincided with the “appliance” gift) Sean included an Oster waffle iron alongside a new purse. I wasn’t sure which one I was more excited about receiving! And he was excited to have waffles again!

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day from the Southern Glam Kitchen <3

A throwback to one of our first photos together about this time eight years ago at Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game.

Southern Glam Meagan

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