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Chocolate Chip Waffles

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When deciding what to bake for Valentine’s Day this year for my honey, I decided to throw back to our dating years. Eight years ago (next week) Sean and I started dating and I made him waffles for breakfast one morning. To this day he swears those waffles were one of the reasons he married me! So ladies, if you’re looking for a proposal, try these waffles!

Chocolate Chip Belgium Waffles | Southern Glam Meagan

The recipe is for Belgium waffles so they are sweet. Being it’s Valentine’s Day, I threw in a handful of chocolate chips. Dessert for breakfast anyone? A heart shaped cookie cutter is required on this day of love!

Belgium Waffle Recipe

1 cup butter (I have found that Smart Balance Light butter works the best. And it’s vegan!)
1 cup sugar
1 Tbsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs
2 cups flour
Mix butter and sugar in a mixing bowl of stand mixer. Cream together on medium-low.
Add vanilla and salt. Increase speed to medium.
Add eggs and mix well until smooth.
Decrease speed to low, add flour. Mix well.
Bake in waffle iron for about 3-5 minutes or until steam no longer escapes. Yields 4 waffles.

Chocolate Chip Belgium Waffles | Southern Glam Meagan

Tip: The unfancy the waffle maker, the better! I started making these waffles in a Sunbeam maker and used that heavenly machine until it’s last waffle. Sean and I were gifted a high-end waffle maker for a wedding gift that flips over and it just isn’t the same. I became so frustrated with it, that I stopped making this breakfast staple. For our fourth anniversary (which coincided with the “appliance” gift) Sean included an Oster waffle iron alongside a new purse. I wasn’t sure which one I was more excited about receiving! And he was excited to have waffles again!

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day from the Southern Glam Kitchen <3

A throwback to one of our first photos together about this time eight years ago at Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game.

Southern Glam Meagan

So Glam Goes SoCal

The Association of Bridal Consultants’ annual wedding planner conference was held in sunny Southern California and I was ready for a dose of inspiration, motivation, and education. It’s been a wonderful year for Southern Glam Weddings & Events but right around the Fall, I’m in need of new and fresh ideas in the wedding industry. My California loving husband tagged along with me so we extended our time to make the most of our time while we were across the country.

Tampa to Los Angeles

Redondo Beach, California

The first time I met my surfing husband, he looked straight out of a Hollister store. He was completely shocked I had never seen the show, The O.C., so our first summer together, we binged watched every season. And I loved it. Naturally our first stop in California was the Redondo Coffee Shop where MANY scenes were filmed for the show.

Redondo Coffee Shop


The Redondo Pier was great for a laid back afternoon of local eats and sights. It’s a hardcore fishing pier so at times the smells were … authentic! Be sure to snap a photo with the resident pelicans!

Redondo Pier at Redondo Beach California from the show The OC


Huntington Beach, California

On the way to the conference hotel, we stopped at Beach City Brewery so Sean could add another pint glass to his collection.

Beach City Brewery in Huntington Beach California


Costa Mesa, California

Conference was held in Costa Mesa and opened with a party and let me tell you, parties for wedding/event planners planned by planners are always amazing! It started at 7:30pm and at 9:30pm, the DJ’s music went silent and the headphones turned on to continue the party. This is a fabulous option for venues that have noise ordinances or those looking to bring a fun tech-savvy touch to an event!

Silent Disco wedding reception planner from the Association of Bridal Consultants

The next two days were filled with education, motivation, and inspiration. It’s always SO great to catch up with fellow planners around the country who I met a conference many years ago. I was incredibly lucky to meet Sasha Souza (!) and learn from other luxury wedding and event planners.

Southern Glam Weddings wedding planner of the Association of Bridal Consultants

Also, I re-took the Certified Sandals Specialist training again to learn about the new and exciting things Sandals and Beaches has to offer couples and families. I’ve helped many newlyweds honeymoon in paradise so who’s ready to travel to the Caribbean next? Let’s chat!

Sandals Honeymoons planning from Southern Glam Weddings & Events


Laguna Beach, California & Newport Beach, California

Costa Mesa was right down the road from Newport Beach and Laguna Beach and oh my gorgeous, if I wasn’t set on living in the South, I would live in Laguna Beach, California. The views, the boutique shopping, and the restaurants were incredibly amazing! I was convinced that I was coming back to Tampa alone because Sean was seriously in love with this part of California.

Crescent Bay Point Park in Laguna Beach California Southern Glam Meagan Phillips

Does it get any more gorgeous? The photo above was taken at Crescent Bay Point Park. Another photo opportunity is Top of the World (top right photo below.)

Top of the World in Laguna Beach California

Places I’d recommend dining:

Cucina Enoteco

SOL Cocina

GG’s Bistro

The Cliff – BEYOND GORGEOUS views but be prepared for a wait!

The Deck on Laguna Beach

And for delicious gelato, pop into Gelato Paradiso!

Laguna Beach California


Los Angeles, California

When my conference had come to a close, it was time to head up to Los Angeles for the next part of our West Coast trip because it had been too long since I had seen Hollywood and Sean had never experienced it. Our first night we had a laid back dinner at Golden Road Brewing which had SO many vegetarian/vegan options for me so I definitely give it two thumbs up!

It’s no secret I like the Kardashians and watch TMZ, and read People magazine; it didn’t shock Sean much that I wanted to take one of those tours around Hollywood and Beverly Hills to see the stars’ homes and maybe see someone famous. Finding the right tour though took a bit of research. We settled on Glitterati Tours and called to make a reservation . A friendly answer by a Jeremy confirmed our “Whirlwind Los Angeles” two hour tour and gave us directions to meet at The Grove.

On tour day, a classy black Navigator picked Sean and I up for our tour with Colin as our guide. I felt like a celebrity riding in style!

Glitterati Tours in Los Angeles California with Meagan Phillips of Southern Glam Weddings and Events

Up first, we drove through old Hollywood to see the original filming studios which included the neighborhood where Lauren Conrad’s house was used for filming The Hills AND Jamie Lee Curtis’ house used for filming Halloween. Then we drove into the hills to take a photo with the iconic Hollywood sign followed up by seeing celebrity homes. Y’all, had we taken a tour by bus, we would have never been able to get into the hills. Some of the homes we drove by are owned by Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Matthew Perry, Rhianna, Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves, and Ashton Kutcher. We then drove down Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard and Melrose Avenue to see famous restaurants and bars. We ended the tour driving through Beverly Hills and through Rodeo Drive. Colin was an amazing tour guide and I highly recommend Glitterati Tours!

Hollywood Sign with Glitterati Tours in Los Angeles California

Sean and I wanted to go back to Hollywood Boulevard to see the Walk of Fame so we asked Colin if he had any suggestions as to where to park. He recommended parking off of Orange Street in the Hollywood & Highland Center parking garage. We took his suggestion for easy parking and it lead us right in the middle of the action on Hollywood Boulevard.

We saw a group of people standing at the exit and I overheard someone say, “I cannot believe he’s here!”

I tapped her shoulder and asked, “Who’s here?!”

Her: “Daniel Radcliffe!”

Me: “Daniel Radcliffe? THE Daniel Radcliffe? Like Harry Potter?!”

Her: “Yes! He’s here getting his star on the Walk of Fame!”

Oh man, our first celebrity sighting and we had a front row seat!

Daniel Radcliffe at the Walk of Fame in Hollywood California

We had lunch at the original Mel’s Drive-In and found both Audrey Hepburn’s and Britney Spears’ stars on the Walk of Fame!

Hollywood Walk of Fame and Audrey Hepburn Star in Hollywood California

After Hollywood, I was on the hunt for cupcakes and not just any cupcakes, the original Sprinkles Cupcake ATM which just so happened to be in Beverly Hills. It was life changing and the song is the now the theme song of my life! I love Sprinkles! Yes I do, yes I do!

The original Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM in Beverly Hills California with Meagan Phillips of Southern Glam Weddings and Events

I might have spent a little time shopping off those cupcakes on Rodeo Drive.
Tiffany & Co on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills California with Meagan Phillips of Southern Glam Meagan

While driving on Sunset Boulevard, I spotted Duff’s Cakemix – I’m always down for cupcakes so on we went and discovered Bravo was filming inside. We decorated cupcakes and signed a waiver to be in the background of the show. Could this day be anymore “Hollywood?”

Duff's Cakemix in Los Angeles California

Actually yes,  because we ran into Fred Savage at our hotel where another show was being filmed!

Fred Savage on set filming The Grinder

Our last day was spent on the Santa Monica pier, driving through Malibu, and Sean surprisingly taking me to Calabasas to see if maybe, just maybe, I’d run into a Kardashian. No such luck!

Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica California

I’d say it was a successful trip to the other coast!

Cookies for Santa

It’s Christmas Eve eve and I’ve been working like an elf around the clock. Santa Claus is coming to town tomorrow night and if you need to whip up a few homemade treats for him, I’ve got you covered!

Christmas Cookies for Southern Glam Santa


Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas Gingerbread Cookie


Christmas Sugar Cookies

Christmas Sugar Cookie


Christmas Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Christmas Chocolate Peppermint Cookie

Santa Claus is coming to town yall, and you’re going straight to the top of the “Nice List” with these yummy Christmas cookies!

Christmas Cookies for Southern Glam Santa

Merry Christmas!