Wedding Dress Shopping!

The time had come to go dress shopping! Any excuse to go shopping, right? My mom and I set out to tackle wedding boutiques in Tampa. In one day we hit David’s Bridal, Diana’s Bridal, Olga’s Bridal Boutique, and Alfred Angelo. Whew! There were A LOT of dresses and we had very different experiences at each location.

I think each bride tries David’s Bridal because of the convenience for the entire bridal party. Convenience was pretty much all I got out of it. Even with an appointment, my consultant often left me to assist other customers while I was just standing in a dress I didn’t care for. Next!
Down the block was Diana’s Bridal. Maybe David’s wife? With one quick look around, my mom and I knew that we weren’t the demographic that Diana had in mind for her target market. Let’s just say we saw more quinceañera dresses than bridal gowns. Moving on!
Next we went to Olga’s Bridal. I was excited for this one because it carried the designer I was interested in. I found two dresses that I liked A LOT however the customer service there was HORRIBLE! I tried on the dresses with my clothes on underneath due to the lack of service! At least David’s Bridal had it right by being prepared with the correct undergarments and bustles. Olga’s wins worst customer service award in my opinion!
Our last stop of the day was Alfred Angelo. What a nice change and breath of fresh air! My consultant Christie was phenomenal! She was very knowledgeable and patient! Although the gowns were very pretty, I could not get the other two from Olga’s Bridal out of my head. Being that I did not want to go back to Olga’s Bridal, I decided to research if other stores in the area carried the designer I wanted. No other stores in Tampa carried it but there was one in St. Petersburg … needless to say, the appointment is already set for next week!!!
To be continued …

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