The Songs of the Fulford-Phillips’ Wedding * The Cocktail Hour

Being the gal I am, I didn’t want boring music for the cocktail hour much like the ceremony . I chose to stay consistent with having one orchestra provide music for this transitional time – fun, yet sophisticated, music! It’s all strings! Allow me to introduce you to my friends over at the Vitamin String Quartet. Amazon them to see just how much of a music selection they have. Here’s my own playlist – most of the songs can be heard on youtube! 

Bittersweet Symphony : Listen

Love Story : Listen

Brown Eyed Girl

Don’t Stop Believing : Listen

1,2,3,4 : Listen

Sweet Home Alabama : Listen

Fireflies : Listen

God Only Knows : Listen

Sweet Child O’ Mine : Listen

Hey Ya : Listen

Bad Romance : Listen

Viva La Vida : Listen

F*ck You : Listen

Drops of Jupiter : Listen

Thriller : Listen

Stairway to Heaven : Listen

Too bad Sean and I weren’t able to attend the cocktair hour to hear it! I hope everyone liked it that was there!

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