The Realities of Having a Wedding in the Boondocks

Sean and I have really gotten down to the nitty gritty of wedding planning. This is the stage that will and is driving me nuts! The venue, the engagement pictures, the save the dates, the dress – all the fun stuff is out of the way. Now all that’s left is the moving parts: the small details. Thank goodness for my planning/coordinating skills because I never expected how hard it would be to plan a wedding outside of the city. 
Go back almost a year ago when we found Victoria Belle. Sure it was a little farther out than I wanted, but it was beautiful and I was sold! Now fast forward to today and the struggle begins. 
Obstacle one: Transportation
We found the hotel for our guests and I thought everything was great. Wrong. Wrong because there was not a shuttle that came with this hotel. What? Weird! Okay fine, we’ll choose another hotel. Call after call, I found out no hotel in LaGrange provides a shuttle. Yes, I am a southern girl but one who was raised in the Atlanta suburbs. I had no clue hotels and shuttles weren’t married everywhere!
So now the hunt began finding a shuttle/charter bus. Call me naive but bless my grits, those buses are EXPENSIVE! Oh but wait – don’t forget the surcharge for “out of the city limits” mileage. Great! Same thing happened with our get away car. Hopefully we’re not ALL walking to our end-of-the-night destinations!
Obstacle two: Rehearsal dinner
Google and the internet have been my best friends during the planning process. This is, until now. When searching for restaurants to host the rehearsal dinner, Google replied…
Oh, how to decide?! I’m really leaning towards Hogs Heaven BBQ! Only kidding – whew I’ll be sporting a lovely shade of gray for my hair color come wedding day! I took my search to LaGrange where the choices are just a slim (thankfully a couple are serious contenders) but where are all the restaurants??
Toto, I don’t think we’re in Atlanta anymore!

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