Hey Good Lookin’ What’s Cookin?

Pinterest has been a blessing to this newlywed who never cooked before marriage. Since going down the vegan path, my world has opened up to new tastes and smells. Some of my favorite newfound blogs that have great vegetarian/vegan recipes are Oh She Glows, Chocolate Covered Katie, and That Was Vegan?
Check out the recipes that I’ve recently tried and some are actually “Sean Approved.” A little background on this term, my husband used to be known as having the food palate of a child. Chicken fingers, pizza, and meat was all his diet consisted of. Don’t even think about asking him to eat vegetables! So, when I started my vegan adventure and no longer wanted to consume dairy, things started changing for the best around here. Sean was actually trying AND liking some of the recipes I tried. If this carnivore could eat and like vegan cooking, ANYONE could!
First up –
Belgium waffles
Sean will tell you he married me for my waffles. I’ll admit, they are pretty amazing! I simply followed a recipe that came with my first waffle maker and that was it. My first attempt to make them vegan failed miserably when I tried to substitute 2 eggs with applesauce. Epic fail! My second attempt worked like a charm and was Sean Approved!
Belgium Waffles
1 cup vegan butter/margarine
1 cup sugar
1 Tbsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs equivalent*
2-1/4 cups flour
Mix butter and sugar in a mixing bowl of stand mixer. Cream together on medium-low.
Add vanilla and salt. Increase speed to medium.
Add eggs equivalent. Mix well until smooth.
Decrease speed to low, add flour. Mix well.
Bake in waffle iron about 3-5 minutes or until steam no longer escapes. Yields 4 waffles.
*Baking powder egg replacer:
2 tsp baking powder
2 Tbsp of water
1 Tbsp oil
Mix well until combined and gelatinous. Makes one egg.
Next – 
15 Minutes Creamy Avocado Pasta
This recipe was NOT Sean Approved but definitely Meagan Approved. It was the avocados that sealed its fate against Sean! Find the recipe on Oh She Glow‘s blog. I added tomatoes to add a bit of texture.
Next –
Blueberry Coconut Oatmeal
Another, just Meagan Approved recipe that was originally vegan and is oh so yummy!
Photo from Fresh Family Cooking Blog
Huge difference in my photography skills and the creator of the recipe, huh? My breakfast looked no where close to her beautiful breakfast! Haha! Get the recipe on Fresh Family Cooking’s blog and start baking!
Non-Dairy Alfredo Sauce
This was definitely Sean Approved and he continued to eat it when I told him it was made with tofu! I found the recipe on Food.com. The side of broccoli was not SA though! I guess I can’t push my luck too much if he’s willingly eating tofu!
I know it looks like all I eat is pasta and blueberries but I promise I have more variety!
Reader question: Have you been “P”inspired to cook or bake something new?

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