Farewell #10

Just thinking about writing this post has my eyes welling up with tears! Here goes nothing…
We had known the weekend was going to give us grief for months. This is how our calendar looked:

Friday: Chipper Jones Tribute at Turner Field

Saturday: Event Class for Meagan / USF vs FSU football game at home

Sunday: Last regular game of the Braves season, AKA, Chipper’s last regular home game

Monday: Our one year wedding anniversary

We wanted to attend everything but it wasn’t physically possible. We made it all events minus Friday’s tribute game. We instead watched it stream live online. 
I ran out of my event class on Saturday and we headed to the USF football game. Immediately after the game we drove to Atlanta and arrived around 3:30am. The next morning is when Sean surprised me with a visit to our wedding venue, Victoria Belle. I could have spent all day there but my heart was begging to be taken out to the ballgame.
And so we went!

Oh I cried like a baby when Chipper game up to bat his final time. As tired as we were, it was so worth it to be there that day!

It just won’t be the same without you, Jones. Forever #10!

It was a long ride back to Tampa after that game.

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