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Winter & Her Dolphin Tale

Sean and I are so fortunate to visit our favorite celebrity any time we want. Who might that be?
Winter the dolphin! 
If you have never heard her story, lucky you can now go get Dolphin Tale from Redbox or Netflix. It is incredible! And after you see the movie, go visit her in Clearwater at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. A movie museum has recently opened with movie props and behind-the-scenes tidbits. One of the best parts, getting to take a free boat ride from the museum to the aquarium. 
When you step off the boat, you’re very familiar movie scene prop (minus the kayaks!)
Sting rays greet you as you walk into the hospital.
Then we found Winter! She had just finished her show and was about to have her “tail” removed. We learned that her “tail” is like physical therapy and she doesn’t always wear it. Panama was swimming in the tank next to Winter. 
This sweet turtle, Titus, cannot hold his breath very long nor dive very deep so he has a permanent home at the aquarium. 

And this is Nicholas. He played in the movie as female dolphin alongside Panama. He was just a baby when he was rescued with his mom, Noelle, on Christmas Eve. Nicholas puts on an amazing show with his learned tricks and behaviors.

We are already looking forward to going back! See you soon Winter and friends!