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Animal Coalition of Tampa’s Stride for Strays

A couple weekends ago, the morning after I celebrated my glamorous ‘Roaring 29’ birthday, I traded my glitter heels for my pink athletic shoes (Tennis shoes? Sneakers? Running shoes even though I don’t run?) Anyways! In true southern glam style, I bartered style for comfort for a great cause because it was time for Southern Glam Weddings & Events to give back.

Southern Glam, Southern Glam MeaganThe Animal Coalition of Tampa‘s (ACT) annual Stride for Strays fundraiser is both an organization and event that I hold very near and dear to my heart. Somehow I’ve become a magnet for stray animals and they just seem to find me. When a sweet little fluffy face needs help, it’s off to ACT for low cost spay/neuter and vaccines.

The craziest (and probably the dumbest, yet best!) thing I have ever done was serve over lanes of Interstate 75 in South Georgia when I spotted a dog running along the highway. I jumped out of the car with poor Sean dazed in the passenger seat, and ran towards the dog. It was a massive Mastiff and he had two friends with him, a full grown German Shepherd and a Pit Bull puppy. Not once did it occur to me these stray, and possibly vicious, animals could tear me to pieces. I lured them into my SUV with the only food we had from our trip, peanut butter crackers, and drove back the three hours to Tampa. I was clueless as to what was going to happen next but these poor guys needed a good meal, a bath, a foster home, and the Animal Coalition of Tampa.

Animal Coalition of TampaAren’t they just the cutest? I’m proud to say all my rescue animals have found homes and I could not have done it without the wonderful health care ACT provides.

In 2008 I began fundraising for ACT in their annual Stride for Strays event and have proudly continued each year. In addition to securing a sponsorship from Brown & Brown Insurance and raising funds,  I decided to give back and volunteer the check-in table this year. Tails were wagging on Halloween costumed dogs at Ferg’s Live who were eagerly awaiting the ribbon cutting to begin the Stride. After the walk, striders enjoyed vendors, games, food, music, and contests with their beloved four legged friends.

Animal Coalition of Tampa's Stride for Strays

I celebrated another successful year with ACT and took a little pride in knowing I assisted a tiny bit in raising over $50,000. Cheers to another year of benefiting and saving animal lives in Tampa Bay …and also in South Georgia!

Animal Coalition of Tampa's Stride for Strays

Stride for Strays 2012

October is a jam packed month! Sean and I just finished our fourth Stride for Strays! Every year we fundraise for this event to benefit the Animal Coalition of Tampa

This year I put together a team of people from my work called, Cheetahs for Paws. We raised over $1,400! Woohoo!


What the Phillips Have Been Up To!

We’ve been married for three months now. Three months! I cannot believe it! I feel like it’s all been a blur from the moment we arrived in Georgia to get married to right now! My life literally turned upside down when we stepped off the plane from our St. Lucia Honeymoon. Here’s a glimpse of what has gone on –

Said “I Do” … Spent an amazing week in St. Lucia … Came back and MOVED in together … My birthday … Stride for Strays Fundraiser … Halloween … Thanksgiving … Christmas … New Year’s
The huge change was moving in together. We both lived at home and had no “grown up” items to contribute to a house. We signed our lease papers three days before we left for the wedding and came back from the honeymoon to an apartment full of packed boxes. We literally spent the first seven Saturdays of our newlywed life at Ikea. 

We failed to notice we only had one closest in the entire apartment during our walk though so storage solutions has been tough. The only closet we have is our bedroom one. No coat closet (well, it IS Florida!) and no outside storage closet. So, our loft has temporarly been turned into a box dumping ground. Just lovely! Don’t even get me started on how tiny our kitchen is!

Alas, over the three months our apartment has turned into our home. We love it and so do our two sweet kitties, Chipper Jones and Salem-Binks.

In the middle of chaos, my 25th birthday sneaked its way in. 14 days after the wedding the celebration was still going strong! Of course, we took to my favorite restaurant, PF Chang’s, and topped off the night with a Great Wall of Chocolate and great company.

We blinked again and it was time for Stride for Strays. This fundraiser is one I participate in every year organized by the Animal Coaltion of Tampa. This amazing organization’s mission is to provide low cost pet care. This year we raised over $60,000! Animals have my heart and I’ve have been known to be involved in some crazy rescues (i.e., rescuing three dogs (full grown German Shepherd and Bull Mastif mix as well as a Pit Bull puppy) off the side of I75! in southern Georgia!)

Then a few days later it was Halloween and time for pumpkin carving and cute kitties!

Thanksgiving flew by in an instant (where I successful made my first pumpkin pie from scratch!) and shopped all day on Black Friday. Then, Christmas caught up to us! Our home was livable and presentable by then so I was super excited to decorate!

Our first Christmas together was lovely! Santa brought me the KitchenAid Stand Mixer I’ve been drooling over since we entered the married world and Sean finally got caught up on having his own Wii and PS3 gaming systems.

We rang in 2012 in style with our amazing friends and geared up for the upcoming year. I’m embarking on my dream of being a wedding planner by obtaining certification in event planning starting in February. A business plan is in the works for my future career and properties will be looked at in the coming months to house the dream career.

I’m still working on getting all the wedding details and honeymoon pictures posted; little by little they are getting there! Check out the last few posts if you missed them!