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A Registry Gun & Waterford Crystal

Ready! Set! Zap!

The idea of registering for wedding gifts is super exciting! Especially when you’re like Sean and me: both living at home with our parents = not having anything to contribute to our new home/life together. 
No, the coffee pot, shot glasses, and the toaster I racked up in college don’t count! Hey, at least I collected the essentials of college student!
Fast forward to our first stop at Macy’s – and that registry gun is placed in our hands. The heavens sing! Power! Of course Sean takes off with it – BANG! BANG! BANG! And before we knew it, he racked up over $1000 in Waterford crystal barware. Let me repeat, WATERFORD. I, calmly approach him and ask him, “Honey, can you show me the Waterford section?” All I receive is a blank stare and the response of “What’s Waterford?’ … Exactly! Needless to say, you will NOT find any Waterford barware on our registry. 
I then knew it was time to set some ground rules. Even though we had nothing to start with, we didn’t need the entire store! And we definitely didn’t need Waterford!
Put it down, Sean!
Once I got in the zone, there was no stopping me! I went room by room starting in the kitchen. Martha and I became BFFs that day! She has some great stuff! Sean was a great sport – even though he didn’t know what half the items were, or why we would need such things, he kept the pace going. He gave me free reign of the home and decoration so I took full advantage and continued working. 
We had to add some fun things into the mix – of course!
We wrapped it up at Macy’s and headed to Bed Bath and Beyond and Kolh’s. I left Macy’s a happy housewife-to-be and arrived at BB&B a sad bratty wife-to-be after Sean told me I couldn’t decorate the bathroom in rhinestones! So much for free reign!

I guess we both had to compromise – no Waterford and no rhinestones!