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She’s a Brave. He’s a Ray. HOUSE DIVIDED!

This past weekend was stressful to say the least. The Atlanta Braves were in town scheduled for inter-league play against the Tampa Bay Rays. Long story short, I am a die hard Braves fan and Sean is the same for the Rays. We knew from the very beginning of the season that this weekend would be trouble and a house divided. We have a cat named Chipper Jones, enough said! (He’s even on youtube watching a Braves game from my college years!)
We decided against going to the game on Friday because of work schedules and traffic getting to Tropicana Field. When I heard Chipper (my other man) was in the night’s lineup, I panicked! I’ve been Chipper’s biggest fan for over 10 years and I know how the man works. Let’s be real, he has a knack for getting injured. My prediction, “Chipper’s going to play tonight and will probably get hurt. So hurt he won’t play on Saturday or Sunday.”
The regret of not going to the game started with a standing ovation honoring Chipper in the beginning of the game. 
In the bottom of the third, Rays’ player, BJ Upton, brought truth to my prediction. Chipper would be out for the reminder of the series with a bruised calf. I KNEW this would happen! Here we were, tickets for Saturday’s and Sunday’s game in hand but no Chipper to see. More regret. At least the Braves won 5-3.
We had tickets with our (Rays fans) friends, Jon and Katie and headed out early to tailgate. 
I quickly learned that I didn’t like being an opposing team’s fan or the feeling of being outnumbered! Thankfully my sweet husband (who was just talking trash to me) grabbed my hand and off we were to find our seats. Ironic that we’re both wearing jerseys of our favorite third base players who are both currently on the disabled list?
 That game didn’t go so well for us Braves fans. There might have been a grand slam hit from the Rays to seal the game’s fate. Rays won 5-2.
The game started with a video tribute to Chipper that gave me chills as I held back tears. Both Rays fans and Braves fans stood up, clapped, and cheered as Chipper stepped out of the dugout to be honored. It was an amazing moment that is slowly preparing me for Chipper’s final games.
During the top of the seventh inning, Atlanta’s Michael Bourn hit a foul ball … to us! 
And, then we were on TV!
 Braves won 2-0 and took the series! Yippie!!

A Few Pictures, A Few Thousands Words

Goodness, y’all! To say we have been busy is an understatement! Between Pinterest projects, weddings, new diets, Sean studying for grad school, and baseball games there hasn’t been a moment where I feel like sitting down to write. Bear with me during my blog hiatus! Here’s a few thousand words via recent pictures 🙂

And Pinterest strikes again! Going clockwise…
*Easter Butter Cake Cupcakes – OMG good!
*Our sweet wedding cards are finally all neatly together
*Our wedding vows that we each wrote to one another
*Who doesn’t love a hydrangea wreath? So Southern!

Introducing… Skinny Bitch the Book of Vegan Swaps! Okay, so I’m not committing to a full vegan lifestyle {yet} however after all my research and new found knowledge of the benefits, it’s can’t hurt to improve my diet. Plus this book is amazingly written and hilarious! So um, no more butter cake cupcakes?!
Clockwise again…
*Mr. and Mrs. Phillips on Easter
*One of my best friends, Rosalie, is getting married and I get to stand up with her!
*My heart still belongs to the Braves but I like the Rays as an American League team
*Beautiful wedding cake of our dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. Davison
Okay yall, that’s it for now … I’ll be back soon!