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It’s All in the Details

Details. Details. Details. They were all around on the wedding day and pretty much consumed my life the months leading up to it. What’s a wedding without details anyways? I made everything match our invitations right down to the same design.
Place Cards & Table Numbers
To make things easier on guests, I assigned tables. It would eliminate lost wandering guests loaded down with plates of food searching for open seats.

Menu Cards
I felt menu cards were essential because I’ve been to weddings where I have no idea what is being served. I’m a bit complicated because I’m a vegetarian so I would like to especially know what I am about to eat. Plus, menu cards give the guests strategies on what part of the buffet to hit first!
 Donation Cards
My personal take on favors: please don’t let them be tacky or cliche’. I’m just not a fan of personalized favors with the couple’s name and wedding date. If it’s not edible, charitable, or useful then what really is the point? Spend the money elsewhere. Sean and I decided to go the charitable route and made a donation to my favorite animal organization, Animal Coalition of Tampa, instead of donations. 
These cards sat on top of the menu cards

Memorial Table
Unity Candle
Made with scrapbook paper and ribbon
Phi Mu Sorority Candle Pass Candle
Made with glitter ribbon and pearl bouquet wrap
Display Photos
All details of love. Look for them in the wedding photos and video!