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Vows and Pig Skin

Once upon a time before Sean and I were engaged I told him I wanted a fall wedding in the South. September would be a great month but as crazy as it sounds, I didn’t want to get married with anything that reminded me of 09/11. That’s just me. October is my birthday month and November would be too cold for an outdoor ceremony. That’s pretty much where the conversation ended. Secretly in my mind I toyed with every possible date, including the ever so popular 09/10/11 and 11/11/11. Now, let’s fast forward to the engagement and the beginning of the real wedding plans. I told Sean I wanted the date 10/01/11 and I couldn’t really give a good reason why except I liked it and it adds up to 22, our monthly dating anniversary date (cue the “aww!” now.) It also looks neat written out with numbers – call me nuts but I wanted it. We made it official by signing the venue contract July 2010. Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s our’s!
One December morning, Sean hears a guy call in on the radio show he listens to daily. “Dude, I’m getting married this Sunday. The AFC Championship game is this Sunday and I’m a HUGE Jets fan. What do I do? Can I cancel the wedding?”
Seconds later I receive a panic phone call from Sean, not even saying “hi” to me. The first thing out of his mouth, “DO. YOU. REALIZE. WE. ARE. GETTING. MARRIED. IN. THE. MIDDLE. OF. COLLEGE. FOOTBALL. SEASON?” Now let’s pause for a moment –
I am the true definition of a southern belle. We take SEC football very seriously and my Georgia Bulldogs are held very close to my heart. However, I was able to keep things in perspective. Wedding > Football. Sean didn’t seem to have his priorities straight.
I swear Sean counted down the days until the season’s game day schedule was released. I do believe both of us were praying for a BYE week for USF, and I am fairly certain it was for different reasons! 
Low and behold, we did have a game scheduled for October 1st. Not just any game, USF verses Notre Dame. …Only the biggest game of the season. …Only the game Sean has obsessively talked about for the past two years. …FANTASTIC! 
Months go by and I guess our awesome God sided with me and preferred a wedding. Both our prayers were answered by 1.) The USF/Notre Dame game was moved to a different weekend AND 2.) USF is playing the Thursday before the wedding. How crazy is that?
Now we can’t say our friends and families had the same fortune. Unfortunately, Alabama will play Florida that day. Naturally, being Sean’s from Florida, we have many UF fans in attendance. Then there are the MANY family members and friends on my side who are Alabama fans. I can see it now – a big brawl out on the front lawn of Victoria Belle after the game ends. I guess you can’t win them all, right?

I talked to one of my sweet friends/bridesmaids today; both her and her boyfriend are graduates of the University of Alabama. Here’s a tidbit of our conversation about the Bama/Florida game:
Rosalie: Adam has already asked about TVs at the reception. Thank goodness the game isn’t in Alabama or I’d be dateless!
Meagan: Thank goodness USF isn’t playing that day or I’d be groomless!

PRAISE THE LORD Georgia isn’t playing Georgia Tech that day – I then would be in the same boat Sean was in! 

How much do you want to make a bet that the Braves will be in the playoffs this year? Luck just doesn’t extend THAT far does it?! For one night (during college football season) let’s all get along and play nice, PLEASE! (I know that’s a lot to ask!) And guys, no huddling in the corner the entire night on cell phones watching the game! I promise we’ll have something to accommodate you!

Until then – GO TEAM!