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Wedding Planning Weekend Extravaganza!

This past weekend was wedding planning on steroids! Sean, my mom, and I drove up to Georgia and geared up for two full days of planning.

Round #1!

Saturday was the Victoria Belle Mansion’s Bridal and Wine Tasting event where all of VB’s 2011 brides get to see, taste, smell, and feel what their wedding day will entail.

First up was the menu tasting – and my goodness it was all amazing! I have no idea how we are going to whittle it all down to a few appetizers and entrees! Naturally, Sean took on the meat challenge while I loaded up on vegetarian friendly options. Yum, yum, and more yum!
My mom’s experienced wine pallet came in use when it was time to pick out our wine selection. Who’s better than her for that job?

After all that, it was time for cake tasting. I was so full but I never turn  down chocolate, ever! 

All the samples were heavenly and we’re still deciding on THE flavor of the wedding cake. I gave Sean full access to his groom’s cake flavor if I could have full access to what it looks like. The tradition of the groom’s cake started in the South and there’s was NO way I was going to pass on that tradition.  

Who could forget the bleeding armadillo groom’s cake from one of the best movies, “Steel Magnolias” – what a classic!

The idea and look of the groom’s cake is under wraps and is a surprise for Sean.  You never know – he just might get his own armadillo served in the garage!

My inspiration picture of the wedding cake is pictured on the left, with an added fourth tier. A dramatic wedding needs a dramatic cake, right?

Imagine, black ribbon instead of white and the illusion of pearls on each tier. What’s a Southern wedding without pearls? We’ll also have fresh flowers that will make up the bridesmaid bouquets (pictured below).

Still deciding on the flavor! Stay tuned!

Next stop was to speak with the florist. I know absolutely nothing about flowers and only request was to break the traditional mold and no calla lilies. I’m not sure why I don’t like them but they’re a no no for me! With Vickie’s help in the design, I am thrilled for the flowers!

Bridal Bouquet Inspiration (left) and Bridesmaid Bouquet Inspiration (right)

Let’s start with the bridal bouquet. Since I will be wearing hot pink heels, I wanted to keep the pink flowing by incorporating it into my bridal bouquet. Add black ribbon stem wrapping, black feathers, and the white flowers with black centers featured in the bridesmaid bouquets* (be sure to keep reading about those HOT flowers!)

Now the bridemaids’ bouquet, if I get my way, will look exactly like that with the addition of hot pink feathers with the pictured black ones. About those insanely classy white flowers with the black centers -of course I would pick out flowers that are from California and are hard to get. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get those or something similar because I am LOVING that look! Remember those flowers will also make an appearance on the wedding cake.
And all of that was only day number one! Whew! Oh and we met our DJ – it’s going to be a PARTY!!!

Round #2!

Sunday was our next consultation with Vickie. I so much look forward to these meetings because Vickie is a hoot! And her interaction with Sean is hilarious!! This was the first time my mom had been able to attend a meeting, so she finally got to see exactly what we’re doing and where we are in the planning stages.

We started off with the reception look. If you haven’t noticed, I have gone way off the “traditional” path when it comes to this wedding. The reception is no different. The way the house is laid out is beautiful; however, I’m the first bride to change everything about table arrangements. Vickie said I could have whatever I wanted, so I ran with it!

I then gave her a VERY over the top, David Tutera kind of reception, platinum wedding,  costs billions of dollars, inspiration photo.

I love this. Like A LOT. And apparently I have a new found love for feathers because I want them EVERYWHERE!

Now I showed this pictured to the florist and he burst my bubble with “that’ll run you around $300 per table” – yikes! It’s not like they’re REAL feathers! I didn’t give up hope because I knew Vickie could find something to do with this. It may not be this elaborate, okay fine, it will not be this elaborate, but she promised me she’d find a way to get some feathers in the table centerpieces.  …paging David Tutera and My Fair Wedding! It’ll be beautiful no matter what, that I know for sure!

Next we tackled the invitations. I had my heart set on folding pocket invitations and surprisingly the ones I really wanted were budget friendly! YES! How cute are these?!

I do believe the hardest part of the meeting was wedding party order/entrance/exit. Who would have thought? Since our wedding party consists of 20 people, it got real complicated real quick! Have no fear, the incredible Vickie figured it all out!!!

After 3 hours, the meeting was over – whew all over again!!! Next time back will be in April. Little by little, we’re getting there!!

And, today marks 7 months to go!! Yay!!