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My Last First Date

2008 – AKPsi Party

 Four years ago today, I had my last first date with the man I would marry. Funny how things turn out the way they do, isn’t it?

When I met him a few weeks prior to our first date, I literally told my mom, “I met the man I will marry tonight.” Yep, I was indeed correct!

 I had moved to Florida the summer prior and was just starting my second semester of junior year at the University of South Florida when Sean and I met. We clicked instantly!

2008 – Orlando City Walk

2008 – AKPsi Yellow Rose Formal

We’ve had so many great times together in our four years. We graduated together from the USF – GO BULLS! We’ve met many amazing people, traveled to many new places, rescued many animals, became engaged, and now we’re married living in our own home!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought this southern belle would have settled down in Florida with a surfer guy! Somehow it just works and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Best last first date ever!