Always a Sorority Girl

Ways to Add a Phi Mu Touch to a Wedding

*Use a quatrefoil theme throughout your wedding for invitations, programs and the shape of the cake.
*Use pink as one of your colors.
*Give each Phi Mu present a pink carnation corsage
*Have a Phi Mu row marked with pink ribbons
*Give each of the Phi Mus present a pink carnation. When the you walk down the aisle, collect one flower from each of sisters stationed at the end of the aisles to make your bouquet.
*Pin your badge on the inside of your gown.
*Wear a pink garter if you do not want pink to be your primary color.
*Take a group photo of all of the Phi Mus present at the reception
*Ask Phi Mus to sing a song to you during the reception, such as “Sisters” or “Picture a Girl.”
*Play the “P-H- I to the M-U” rap song at the reception

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